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Twitter MENA

Virtual Event Strategy

Challenge: Twitter deliver  a set of tactical events every year for their media clients. A celebration and a review with some advice and some fun. But they have an ongoing issue - media buyers and agencies are intelligent people, tech savvy clients, but in MENA they hardly even use twitter. Getting them to understand the business value  of twitter is is tough. They needed to cut through. 


Insight: We recognised that 2020 was not normal. It was terrible and it was great. While everyone was at home and zoom meetings were boring, twitter's platform could provide a different experience - if approached in the right way. It could offer twitter a chance to reach their audience and engage them with the platform in a fun, playful way that demonstrated product value. 


We could see that twitter needed not another tactical event one off but a platform for events that both used twitter and engaged the audience with a larger more visually playful experience. 

Solution: Working on this idea of combining platforms we advised twitter on length of event, speed of presentations, means of promotion, methods of engagement and usability, sourcing a flexible, business ready approach that would integrate with twitter's own streaming and CRM services.

We were then able to paint different online experiences that promoted twitter's products but appeared fresh and different at each event.  We created a 3d virtual space that was bespoke to Twitter and specc'd a delivery platform that would be usable back and front end. With areas to explore key messages and statistics, case studies and research and 3d virtual auditorium to receive multiple presentations from local and global representatives.

Yet the time before we had delivered a highly polished green screen presentation enviroment with audience interaction.

It's the way the platform integrates creatively will bring long term business value.


90% uptake on invitations

100% retention during event

5 million viewers over 48 hrs for our key end of year event

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