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High Five Spirits

Brand and VI

Challenge: Gypsy Vodka is a small but growing Michigan brand with big ambitions and a big heart. They asked Imagination to help them create an identity for their brand, High Five, a house of brands identity for their portfolio of spirits including Vodka, Gin and Whisky.

Insight: We had to be true to the spirit of Gypsy, the beautiful countryside of Michigan and to the spirit of the girl who inspired the Gypsy Vodka brand in the first place. They needed a brand that could work in labeling, online and social and in physical spaces without cannibalizing the existing audience for Gypsy.

Solution: Using Imagination's Brand Target tool and through fully understanding the local audience, identity and market potential we created a flexible positioning that can come to the fore in spaces such as the High Five Tasting Room and at festivals and events as well as discreetly branding all the spirits in the High Five family.

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