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Ford Comms

Escape 2020 Immersive Launch

Challenge: Ford were launching the All-New Escape and Imagination was challenged by the Comms team to create a launch event that would communicate the key messages for the new vehicle and help the press contextualize this new urban SUV in a highly competitive segment.

Insight: Confident Escapists value the way that the new Escape gives them the freedom from worry that allows them to be spontaneous - it can go further (hybrid), cope with more terrains (drive modes) and has even more space for your beach chairs or crafting gear.

But most journalists aren't Confident Escapists and the latest version of Escape is more urban style than thrill drive. To get them to write about the vehicle the launch we had to create a completely immersive world that could show them all the product features and help them understand the spontaneous mindset of an audience for whom life itself is the adventure.

Solution: We created Escapeville. An urban environment that immerses you in the world of Escape 2020. Engage with street vendors, meet storytelling performers, be surprised by Ford executives and customers, and experience exciting reveals up-close. An innovative, immersive and spontaneous experience in the heart of the historic houses of Greenfield Village.

It was an experiential canvas dotted with product and brand Easter eggs that allowed us to create a living commercial bringing to life the world of the Confident Escapist and the 2020 Escape.

Results: 1165 stories (social and traditional)

Generated combined reach of 89.2m

Watch the film here

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