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Adidas Forum Influencer Boxes


MENA launch of Adidas Forum 2020

Challenge: Adidas were launching the new updated Forum, the iconic sneaker from the 80s revitalised for the '20s. Sneakerheads love new drops but how to do justice to this classic and get authentic attention. 

Insight:  The Forum was originally designed to help basketball players improve their game. We need to help influencers to up their game and get them to help communicate how to style the shoe - through the FORUM.

But influencers are all about their own cool.  And they’ve seen it all.


If we wanted them to really share our idea had to do more than open up to a pair of shoes. It has to open up to a world - the world of their interests and the world of FORUM  - the world of 80s basketball culture. 

Solution: An '80s styled box that looked like a locker, delivered personally by an 80s dressed courier and containing memorabilia and additional merch that elevated the shoe and made it exciting, different and worth sharing for our jaded and cynical target influencers. 

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