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Ford Comms

CES - Living Street

Challenge: Ford has a new vision of transportation centred on the cloud technologies, EV and AV that will enable mobility in the City of Tomorrow. They asked us to deliver a stand out presence at CES that would help communicate their thinking.


Insight: B2B customers need to be broken out of their tradeshow mentality, to excite them about Ford's ideas we needed to make them think like B2C show attendees. 

Solution: We decided to immerse them in the city of tomorrow by showing - not telling - the impact of upcoming tech from Ford that will revolutionize transport and mobility in a personaly relatable way.

The space was a fully immersive street. Human stories played on the walls to tell complicated tech lock-ups. Cloud technology was demonstrated through on street vehicles and presenters. A comfortable cafe area made the stand into a great place to dwell, which lead to stories for representatives.

Results: 94% favorability - 4,000+ social mentions - 170m Potential Impressions

"Ford and Autonomic are building a smart city cloud solution" TechCrunch

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