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The Body Shop

Store of the Future 

Challenge: The Body Shop wanted to re-establish itself as the first choice for natural, ethical beauty products. Revitalising the brand we identified the target audience - Natural Born Sisters - and encouraged consumers to reconnect by providing multiple opportunities for engagement within store, and provide a ‘Wow’ that gave reasons to rediscover.

Insight: To create a forward-thinking, contemporary new ‘home’ for The Body Shop we had to depart from a formatted chain of stores to create instead a boutique concept that could be a place of social interaction and conversation.

Solution: Based on a new brand positioning statement - Beauty with heart - we created a store concept called ‘Open Kitchen.' The kitchen is the heart of the home and provides a, social, versatile and vibrant space where people gather, create and share. The concept was also a return to basics, as it was in her kitchen, that founder Anita Roddick began creating her products.

Our designs reflected the look and feel of a kitchen space. Our use of natural
materials provided a contemporary and welcoming environment. An oversized,
iconic central table provides the ‘stage’ for all in-store events and customer


Our store designs were implemented at over 100 locations across the UK.

One year after the launch sales had increased by 8%, transactions by 10% and
there was a decrease in the use of discounts

Shopper observation showed an increase in browsing and customers are spending
more time investigating and discovering the products

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