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AI Research of experiences and autoshows

AI enables researchers to crunch massive volumes of data and experiences lend themselves well to including forms of AI measurement. I run an ongoing research programme and we have turned our attention to the possibilities of using AI.

Project 1 - Is AI more accurate than human researchers in understanding emotionl response to an experience?
We trained cameras on subjects experiencing their very first autonomous drive and pushed them through an AI designed to judge emotion. We pitted the AI against a human researcher. As expected the human researcher was more accurate, but took far longer to complete the data analysis.

Project 2 - Can AI provide a more detailed view of customer journeys through the Ford stand experience?

For two weekends we trained cameras on 80% of one of our stand experiences to discover where people were entering and leaving the stand and their behaviors in the space. We were also interested in getting a more accurate read on our visitors. The AI was able to crunch our data in good time and confirmed our suppositions about volume, revealing some new insights about behaviors and dwell time. 

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