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Hello. I'm Katie.

I love working with cross-functional teams to zero in on the emotional moments that connect us to each other and to brands. I have 12+ years experience of developing innovative physical, digital and brand strategies for clients from CMOs to junior account managers. And I've contributed strategy for award-winning interactives, experiences and campaigns, and which actually generate revenue.


I have 4 years experience of running the global strategy team for Imagination's relationship with Ford. And I've been working for VMLYRCommerce MENA since 2020, building the experiential strategy reputation, discipline and team in the MENA region. 


I work hard to  generate differentiated creative outcomes, rather than just fulfilling expectations. And to ensure we measure what we do to prove ROI. And I have been lucky enough to do that with agency and client teams around the world.

I regularly work with clients from CMOs to juniors to workshop, present and co-create experiences and campaigns. 

I've won awards including:  a BAFTA, 4 Ex Awards, an OMMA, 2x Drum awards (including one for strategy specifically) and some Tellys. 

You can find my resume and more detail about my career, skills etc on my Linkedin profile. 

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